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CCi CK-60 Scale for Sale

Low cost price computing scale from CCi promises to deliver with a 60 pound capacity and 0.01 pound readability.  Secondary display on the back is included for customer viewing and 4 direct access memory keys make it quick and easy to calculate the most common products you sell.  CCi CK-60 price computing scale is legal for trade and operates on battery and AC power making it suitable for selling produce at a farmer's market.

Regular Price: $295.00

Ground S&H: $25.00

Capacity x Resolution: 60 lb x 0.01 lb

Standard Features:
  • Plastic housing with LCD display
  • Rear customer display
  • Legal for trade / NTEP Approved
  • 4 direct access memory keys
  • Rechargeable battery operation

CCi CK-60 - Price Computing Deli Scale
Capacity x Resolution (lb) 60 lb. x 0.01 lb
Units Pounds Only
Platform Dimensions 8.9" x 11.8"
Scale Dimensions 13.4" x 12.6" x 4.5"
Display LCD with backlight (2nd display on back)
Operating Temperature -10°C - 40°C (14°F - 104°F)
Power AC adapter or rechargeable battery