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CCi HS-15 Scale for Sale

Legal for Trade - Best Seller!
Weigh bags or sacks of items using HS Series hanging scales from CCi.  Plastic construction and compact size make this a very light weight scale for ease of portability which is especially important for fishermen or small game hunters.  Hook makes awkward shaped items easier to weigh since you do not need to balance them on a platform.

Regular Price: $225.00

Ground S&H: $18.00

Capacity x Resolution: 15 lb x 0.01 lb

Stainless Steel Hanging Pan 12" Diameter for HS Series $75.00
Optional Power Adapter $27.00

Standard Features:

  • Legal for Trade
  • Simple, Digital Functionality
  • Lightweight and Easy to Use
  • Battery Operation
  • Hold Function
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Weighing Applications:

  • For use where space is limited and for weighing awkward shaped objects such as bags or sacks
  • Excellent for use by customers to check weight of items such as hardware or groceries
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CCi HS-15 NTEP Hanging Scale
Capacity x Resolution (lb) 15 lb x 0.01 lb
Capacity x Resolution (g) 6,800 g x 5 g
Units Pounds or Grams
Safe Overload 200% of capacity - Ultimate Overload is 300%
Divisions 1,500
Stabilization Time < 2 seconds
Tare Range Not available on NTEP models
Pan Size Optional 12" diameter stainless steel hanging pan
Scale Dimensions 4.72" x 2.25" x 7.25"
Operating Temperature 32° ~ 104° F non condensing R.H. ≤ 85%
Construction ABS Plastic
Display 1 inch, 7 segment, wide viewing angle backlit LCD
Power 4 size “C” type batteries (not included)
or external power adapter (not included)
Battery Life Allows up to 250 hours of non-stop operation
Net Weight 1 lb
Shipping Weight 2 lb

CCi HS Series - LFT Digital Hanging Scales
Model Cap x Res (LB) Cap x Res (Metric) Price
HS-6 6 lb x 0.005 lb 2,700 g x 2 g $225.00
HS-15 15 lb x 0.01 lb 6,800 g x 5 g $225.00
HS-30 30 lb x 0.02 lb 13,600 g x 10 g $225.00