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Doran DS9100 Scale for Sale

Doran's portable wheelchair scale is the perfect solution to medical weighing applications.  Aside from the high capacity and precise resolution, the DS9100 also features tare memory for up to 10 different wheelchairs.  It can even accomodate bariatric wheel chairs.  If your medical facility is seeking a top of the line scale with complete functionality, consider the Doran DS9100.

Regular Price: $2,195.00

Ground S&H: $150.00

Capacity x Resolution: 1,000 lb x 0.1 lb

2nd Wheelchair Ramp (Factory Installed) $443.00
Power Supply (Factory Installed) $22.50
USB Option with Cable (Factory Installed) $45.00
RS232 Option with 9-pin Cable (Factory Installed) $45.00
Excelerator Medical Version Data Collection Software $395.00
Health Care Scale

Compact and portable digital wheelchair scale is ultimate in versatility and portability.  Heavy-duty Doran DS9100 can serve as a wheelchair scale as well as a handrail or stand-on scale, providing your health care facility the type of versatility required to weigh all sorts of patients with just one model. To transport, portable health care scale folds and rolls effortlessly on four casters.  Once in place, the DS9100 easily unfolds with built-in hydraulic assistance, and two latches hold the indicator mast firmly in place.  The large, low-profile platform accommodates bariatric wheelchairs.  1,000 lb capacity scale platform is large enough to accommodate any wheelchair, including bariatric wheelchairs. When the patient is on the scale, the ramp does not touch the floor, ensuring that an accurate weight is displayed.

Wheelchair ScaleWeighing Functions:

  • Weight Lock: allows an accurate weight to be held regardless of a patient’s motion.
  • Reweigh: allows a second weight to be acquired while the patient remains on the platform.
  • Last Weight: allows previous weight and BMI value to be recalled after the patient has left the platform for later recording.
  • BMI: enter the patient’s height using the numeric keypad, press BMI button and the patient’s Body Mass Index is instantly displayed.
  • Optional USB & RS232: allow the recording of a patient’s weight and BMI value into a PC based Excel spreadsheet with the optional Excelerator software. Patient data can also be sent to an optional printer or EMR system.

Doran DS9100 features a tare memory function that can store and recall the weights of up to ten different wheelchairs. This eliminates error prone hand calculations to determine the patient’s weight.  In addition, you can simply enter the known tare weight of the wheelchair through the numeric keypad.  To acquire a patient’s weight, less the wheelchair tare weight, roll the patient onto the weighing platform, recall the wheelchair tare weight and an accurate weight up to 1,000 pounds will be held on the display.  Tare entry can be accomplished before or after the patient is on the scale.

Standard Features:

  • Weight Lock
  • Tare Memory Stores the Weight of up to 10 Wheelchairs
  • Accommodates Bariatric Wheelchairs
  • Folds and Rolls Effortlessly on 4 Casters
  • Zero, LB, KG, Last Weight, Reweigh, and BMI
  • 3 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

Doran Medical Scale
Optional 2nd ramp makes for easier entry and exit from platform.

Doran Medical DS7100 Digital Handrail Scale
Capacity x Resolution (lbs) 1000 lb x 0.1 lb
Capacity x Resolution (kgs) 454 kg x 0.05 kg
Accuracy ± 0.1 lb (0.05 kg)
Units Pounds or Kilograms
Construction Aluminum & Painted Steel with Plastic Trim
Platform Dimensions 33" W x 32.5" D x 3" H
Scale Dimensions 49" W x 42" D x 45.5" H
Display 1" High LCD
Functions Zero, LB, KG, Last Weight, Reweigh, and BMI
Power Six AA Batteries (included with 1 year battery life)
Warranty 3 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
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