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445KL Scale

Healthometer 445KL Scale for Sale

Healthometer 445KL chair scale is completely mechanical, not requiring any power source.  Equipped with wheels for mobility, and movable side arms and foot rests makes it easy for patients to enter and exit off of the scale.

Regular Price: $611.00

Ground S&H: $100.00

Capacity x Resolution: 440 lb x 0.25 lb


No power is required when you select Healthometer 445KL mechanical chair scale.  Save yourself the frustration of dying batteries or searching for AC outlets because this chair scale operates by balance beam rather than digitally.  Weighing up to 440 pounds by 1/4 pound graduations still makes it competitive for weighing patients in hospitals.  Poise bars provide medical professionals with pounds and kilograms engraved so you can find the total weight in either unit.  This makes the 445KL universal since it reads in metrics and avoirdupois.

445KL is convenient as far as eliminating the use of energy and also features movable arms and folding footrests so patients can easily enter and exit off the scale without a problem.  Most of your patients using this chair scale would have difficulty standing on conventional physician scales, so the Healthometer 445KL tries to make it possible to help assist patients onto the scale from a hospital bed.

If you require higher weighing capacity or just prefer more modern digital technology, consider Healthometer's 2595KL digital chair scale.  This model weighs patients up to 600 lb x 0.2 lb and also features a more comfortable cushioned seat.

Healthometer - 445KL Mechanical Chair Scale
Capacity x Resolution (lbs) 440 lb x 0.25 lb
Capacity x Resolution (kgs) 200 kg x 100 g
Units Pounds or Kilograms
Seat Dimensions 18 1/2" W x 16 1/2" D
Scale Dimensions 33" x 24.5" x 40.75"
Features Movable Arms for Easy Access, Folding Foot Rest & Side Arms for Patient Comfort, Heavy-duty Wheels for Mobility
Power Completely Mechanical, No Power Required