Astra Scale

Ishida Astra Scale for Sale

Built-in Label Printer!
Ishida Astra advanced label printing scale offers a full list of features including price computing and is legal for trade.  It features a built-in printer and 44 keys that store up to 88 presets while also offering an RS232 interface for data communication.  This allows you to connect it to a Windows PC and use Astra Link and Astra Label software to make programming your scale even easier.

Regular Price: $1,350.00

Ground S&H: $50.00

Capacity x Resolution: 30 lb x 0.01 lb

Standard Features:
  • Programmable Function Keys
  • Store up to 2,000 PLUs
  • Print Speed of 3.15" per second
  • Convenient Side-loading Label Feature
  • RS-232 Data Communication
  • Proportional Tare
  • 44 Keys Store up to 88 Presets
Weighing Applications:
  • Supermarket
  • Bakery
  • Candy Store
  • Deli
  • Seafood Shop
  • Specialty Store

The leader in form, function and value.
No other retail scale printer can match the combination of performance and price exhibited by the new Astra. Engineered from the base to the platter for precise and consistent performance, the Astra incorporates an ergonomic design that successfully delivers customer convenience. Further enhancing operation are the Astra's bright, easy-to-read displays, easy label loading feature, and user-friendly keyboard design.

Simple programming tool
To speed set-up, we've created a unique, yet simple software tool that allows quick PLU editing using a PC. In addition, the configuration parameters can be saved to a PC for safe backup.

Expanded memory storage
The Astra can store an amazing 2000 PLUs, virtually ensuring that you'll never run out of memory. That's nearly twice the capacity of others!

Attractive labels...
FAST Eye-catching point of purchase labels determine whether products sit on the shelf or are snatched up by consumers. The Astra excels by producing attractive labels up to 64mm in width and 85mm long...all at an incredibly fast 80mm per second.

Easy label loading
A convenient side loading label door makes replacing rolls incredibly easy.

Ishida Astra Function Keys
Fixed Price Fixed Price
Used to temporarily change the selling price of a FIXED PRICE item.
Multiply Multiply
Used to price multiple pieces of the same FIXED PRICE item.
Special Price Special Price
Used to temporarily set a reduced TOTAL PRICE.
Amount Discount Amount Discount
Used to temporarily subtract a dollar amount from the TOTAL PRICE.
Percent Discount Percentage Discount
Used to temporarily subtract a percentage from the TOTAL PRICE.
Save Save
Used to retain the recalled PLU after the label has been issued.
Extra Text Extra Text
Used to temporarily add a message to the end of a PLU description.
Void Void
Used to delete the previous transaction from the ACCUMULATED TOTALS.
Peel Timer Peel Timer
Used to set the time interval between labels for FIXED PRICE items in AUTO PRINT MODE. Enter time in seconds 1 to 9. Set to 0 to disable.
Double 9 Double Nine
Used to enter two 9s by pressing a single key. Available in OPERATION MODE only.
Double 0 Double Zero
Used to enter two 0s by pressing a single key. Available in OPERATION MODE only.
Percentage Tare Percentage Tare
Used to temporarily set a TARE WEIGHT base on a percentage of GROSS WEIGHT.

47732 47733
47743 47736
47762 47735

Ishida Astra - Price Computing Scale with Built-in Printer
Capacity x Resolution (lb) 30 lb x 0.01 lb
Units Pounds Only
Display Tare: 4 digits, Weight: 5 digits,
5 digits, Total Price: 6 digits
Platform Dimensions 9.2" x 14.1"
Scale Dimensions 16.3" x 15.7" x 6.5"
Interface RS232
Keyboard 64 Keys (88 presets using mode key)
Legal for Trade NTEP Certified CC# 00-107
Memory Capacity 256K, 2000 PLUs (30 characters per PLU)
Label Width 1.5" x 2.52"
Label Length 1.18" x 3.35"
Label Backing Paper Width Up to 2.64"
Printing Speed 3.15" per second
Label Roll Dimensions Inside Diameter: 1.57", Outside Diameter: 3.94"
Label Formats 7 Label Formats to Choose From [PDF]
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty