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Ohaus SP402 Balance for Sale

Item has been discontinued.
Percent weighing, parts counting and 4 weighing units are some of the features in Ohaus Scout Pro Series.  SP402 portable balance offers 400 gram weighing capacity and operates on AC power or 4 AA batteries for complete portability.  Calibration weight is included as a standard feature so you can be sure your portable Ohaus balance is providing precise results every time.

Regular Price: $420.00

Ground S&H: $15.00

Capacity x Resolution: 400 g x 0.01 g


Designed for use in laboratory, industrial or education applications, the OHAUS Scout Pro features easy-to-use two-button operation, a high-contrast LCD display, multiple weighing units, four application modes, and the option of either RS232 or USB connectivity, the Scout Pro is the portable balance for your needs!

  • Maximum Protection – Scout Pro is designed with mechanical and software protection against shock and overloading which can cause damage to the weighing cell. An integrated shipping lock protects the weighing cell during transportation or storage
  • RS232 or USB Connectivity – Scout Pro interface accessories are easy to install at anytime, even after purchase. The data cable is integrated in the kit, eliminating the need for additional cables
  • Multiple Application Modes – Scout Pro features Enhanced Parts Counting, Percent Weighing, Totalization and Display Hold
  • Strain Gauge Loadcell
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
Ohaus Scout Pro

Parts Counting – The Scout Pro is designed for counting parts for inventory control, parts bagging, receiving, dispensing and ticket counting

  • Select from a sample size of 5, 10, 20 or 50 pieces while in counting mode with
    a quick button press
  • The Scout Pro features user-enabled automatic recalculation of the average piece weight – instead of counting 100 parts for a sample, count 10 and let the Scout Pro count the rest of the sample! For applications where automatic recalculation is not desired, the easy-to-use menu system allows this feature to be disabled
  • The Scout Pro can also be configured for situations where only the counting feature is required

Percent Weighing – Use the Percent Weighing mode to compare samples for compounding, formulation, or quick weight checking. Place your reference weight on the platform, enter the weight into memory, and the display will show the percentage of the sample weight on the platform compared to the reference weight.

Totalization – Use the Scout Pro’s memory function to repeatedly sum the weight on the platform for compounding and formulation. Unlike other balances, the Scout Pro allows totalization up to the limit of the display!

Display Hold – The Display Hold mode allows you to retain the weight of an over-sized package on the Scout Pro’s display. Great for postal and shipping applications!

User-Configurable – The Scout Pro allows you to select active weighing units and modes using the two-button keypad. Scout Pro can be quickly configured using an on-display menu system – there are no cryptic codes to input! A built-in lock switch prevents reconfiguration during use.

Weighing Applications:

  • Parts Counting and Bagging
  • Animal/Egg Weighing
  • Feed Dispensing
  • Medical Output Studies
  • Crop and Seed Analysis
  • Paint, Ink, Dye and Glaze Formulation
  • Compound Preparation and Packaging
  • Dental Adhesive and Compound Formulation
  • Education Experiments
  • Field Studies
  • Parts Inventory, Quality Control and Receiving
  • Filter Analysis
  • Testing Kits
  • Sample Gathering and Field Testing
  • Food Portioning and Packaging
  • Catering and Restaurant Applications
  • Diet and Portion Control
  • Jewelry Stores and Pawn Shops
  • Injection Molding Sampling
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Racquet and Golf Club Balancing
  • Ticket Counting
SP402 Specs
Scout Pro
Ohaus Scout Pro Series
Scout Pro Series
Model Capacity (grams) Resolution (grams) Platform Size Price
SP202 200 g 0.01 g 4.7" diameter $299.60
SP402 400 g 0.01 g 4.7" diameter $420.00
SP602 600 g 0.01 g 4.7" diameter $491.40
SP401 400 g 0.1 g 4.7" diameter $165.20
SP601 600 g 0.1 g 6.5" x 5.5" $244.30
SP2001 2,000 g 0.1 g 6.5" x 5.5" $308.70
SP4001 4,000 g 0.1 g 6.5" x 5.5" $452.20
SP6001 6,000 g 0.1 g 6.5" x 5.5" $509.60
SP6000 6,000 g 1 g 6.5" x 5.5" $256.20