TA-220 Balance

Rice Lake TA-220 Balance for Sale

Rice Lake TA-220 was designed to utilize an exceptionally fast weighing sensor for the high performance that lasts a long time.  Simply put, the TA-220 balance does not wear out which is why you receive a 5 year warranty from Rice Lake.

Regular Price: $1,649.00

Ground S&H: $50.00

Capacity x Resolution: 220 g x 0.1 mg


In-Use Cover $45.00
TAL Software WinWedge $261.00

Standard Features:

  • Anti-electrostatic 360 transparent windshield
  • Large back lit 16.5 mm high Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and displays 8-digits
  • Single-touch response setting for environment
  • 40-step bar graph display
  • RS-232C interface
  • ISO/GLP/BMP compliant printing
  • Internal Calibration

Rice Lake TA-220 Laboratory Balance (Internal Calibration)
Capacity x Readability (g) 220 g x 0.1 mg
Tare Full weighing range
Weighing units mg, g, ct, oz, lb, oz t, dwt, GN, tl, momme, to
Platform Size 3.1" diameter
Modes Weighing, counting, percentage, unit converting
Repeatability (Std. Dev.) 1 division
Linearity ± 1 division
Draft Shield Anti-electrostatic 360° transparent windshield
Stabilization time 1 second
Calibration Internal calibration
Connectivity RS232 interface
Scale Dimensions 11.4" x 7.9" x 12"
Operating Temp Range 10°C to 30°C, 50°F to 86°F
80% RH or lower
Display 6 digit backlit 0.6" high LCD display
Power AC adapter (included)
Warranty 5 year manufacturer's limited warranty

Weighing Units for Rice Lake TA-220 Analytical Balance
GRAMS 220 x 0.0001 g
DECIMAL OUNCE 7.7 x 0.000005 oz
DECIMAL POUND 0.48 x 0.000001 lb
TROY OUNCE 7 x 0.000005 ozt
PENNYWEIGHT 140 x 0.0001 dwt
CARAT 1100 x 0.001 ct
MOMME 58 x 0.00005 mm
GRAIN 3300 x 0.002 GN
Tl 5.8 x 0.00005 Tl
TOLA 18 x 0.00001 to