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TP-4200NT Balance

Rice Lake TP-4200NT Balance for Sale

TP-4200NT is an NTEP approved tuning fork balance for use weighing precious metals in the jewelry trade, coffee or nuts.  Excellent performance, accuracy, durability and 5 year warranty ensures years of operation.

Regular Price: $995.00

Ground S&H: Free Shipping to USA (excludes AK and HI)

Capacity x Resolution: 4,200 g x 0.1 g

In-use Protective Cover $45.00
Winwedge Software (Required for use with PC) $261.00

To achieve high accuracy, a balance must compensate for the influence of temperature fluctuation at the force sensor. The temperature range of a tuning fork based balance is extremely small. This is due to the tuning fork sensor's superior heat capacity and conductivity.

The DETF vibrator requires a very small amount of excitation energy, allowing it to have very simple temperature and heat transfer characteristics.

Additionally, the tuning fork sensor doesn't require any A-D converters, analog circuits, or magnetic circuits which cause complex temperature vibrating-plate characteristics.

This allows Rice Lake balances to maintain incredibly long-term stability. Since the tuning fork sensor measures force by reading changes in resonant frequency, the possibility of hysteresis is practically eliminated.


  • NTEP Approved (CLASS II)
  • Large 16.5 mm high Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • Selectable modes-weight, unit count and percentage
  • Several units of measurement
  • Mono-Metal Tuning Fork Sensor (MMTS) - provides quick response and stability
  • 20-step bar graph display
  • One part in 620,000 resolution
  • Bi-directional RS-232 interface
  • 5-year limited warranty
Weighing Applications:
  • Jewelry
  • Coffee, Nuts or Candy
Optional Accessories:
  • In-use cover
  • Winwedge
Rice Lake TP-4200NT NTEP Approved Balance
Capacity x Resolution (g) 4200 g x 0.1 g
Capacity x Resolution (oz) 140 oz x 0.01 oz
Capacity x Resolution (lb) 9.2 lb x 0.0001 lb
Capacity x Resolution (ozt) 130 ozt x 0.001 ozt
Capacity x Resolution (dwt) 2700 dwt x 0.01 dwt
Capacity x Resolution (ct) 21000 ct x 0.1 ct
Capacity x Resolution (mm) 1100 mm x 0.01 mm
Capacity x Resolution (GN) 64000 GN x 0.2 GN
Units g, oz, lb, ozt, dwt, ct, mm, GN
Platform Dimensions 7" x 6.2"
Scale Dimensions 10.1" x 7.5" x 3.4"
Tare Range Full weighing range
Repeatability 1 division
Linearity ± 1 division
Operating Temperature 41ºF to 95ºF (5ºC to 35ºC) 80% RH or less
Interface RS232
NTEP Certificate CC# 09-002
Weigh Sensor Mono-Metal Tuning Fork Sensor (MMTS)
Display Large 16.5 mm high LCD
Modes Weighing, counting, percentage
Power 115 VAC adapter included