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TP-420NT Balance

Rice Lake TP-420NT Balance for Sale

Legal for trade Rice Lake TP-420NT precision gem balance uses the efficient tuning fork sensor for speed, durability, and accurate results.  These NTEP approved balances can be used for weighing jewelry or in the laboratory.

Regular Price: $995.00

Ground S&H: Free Shipping to USA (excludes AK and HI)

Capacity x Resolution: 420 g x 0.01 g

In-use Protective Cover $45.00
Winwedge Software (Required for use with PC) $261.00

To achieve high accuracy, a balance must compensate for the influence of temperature fluctuation at the force sensor. The temperature range of a tuning fork based balance is extremely small. This is due to the tuning fork sensor's superior heat capacity and conductivity.

The DETF vibrator requires a very small amount of excitation energy, allowing it to have very simple temperature and heat transfer characteristics.

Additionally, the tuning fork sensor doesn't require any A-D converters, analog circuits, or magnetic circuits which cause complex temperature vibrating-plate characteristics.

This allows Rice Lake balances to maintain incredibly long-term stability. Since the tuning fork sensor measures force by reading changes in resonant frequency, the possibility of hysteresis is practically eliminated.


  • NTEP Approved (CLASS II)
  • Large 16.5 mm high Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • Selectable modes-weight, unit count and percentage
  • Several units of measurement
  • Mono-Metal Tuning Fork Sensor (MMTS) - provides quick response and stability
  • 20-step bar graph display
  • One part in 620,000 resolution
  • 5-year limited warranty
Weighing Applications:
  • Jewelry
  • Coffee, Nuts or Candy
Optional Accessories:
  • In-use cover
  • Winwedge
Rice Lake TP-420NT Legal for Trade Balance
Capacity x Resolution (g) 420 g x 0.01 g
Capacity x Resolution (oz) 14 oz x 0.001 oz
Capacity x Resolution (lb) 0.92 lb x 0.00001 lb
Capacity x Resolution (ozt) 16 ozt x 0.0001 ozt
Capacity x Resolution (dwt) 270 dwt x 0.001 dwt
Capacity x Resolution (ct) 2100 ct x 0.01 ct
Capacity x Resolution (mm) 110 mm x 0.001 mm
Capacity x Resolution (GN) 6400 GN x 0.02 GN
Units g, oz, lb, ozt, dwt, ct, mm, GN
Platform Dimensions 4.6" diameter
Scale Dimensions 9.2" x 7.1" x 6.6"
Tare Range Full weighing range
Repeatability 1 division
Linearity ± 1 division
Operating Temperature 41ºF to 95ºF (5ºC to 35ºC) 80% RH or less
Interface RS232
NTEP Certificate CC# 09-002
Weigh Sensor Mono-Metal Tuning Fork Sensor (MMTS)
Display Large 16.5 mm high LCD
Modes Weighing, counting, percentage
Power 115 VAC adapter included