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Built-in heightrod, transport castors, ergonomic design and high accuracy are all reasons why the Seca 700 sets the standard for medical beam scales.  We do not sell a more accurate mechanical scale, which is why we recommend the 700 model for use in hospitals or medical clinics where accuracy is the number one criteria.  Other standard features provide end-users with a complete patient measuring station that is portable.

Regular Price: $189.00

Ground S&H: $35.00

Capacity x Resolution: 500 lb x 0.1 lb


Seca's 700 beam physician scale is the most advanced mechanical model we have to offer making it a great fit in any doctor's office or medical facility.  Most other balance beam doctor scales only increment by 1/4 pound, but the Seca 700 is twice that level of accuracy weighing in 1/8 lb intervals.  It features a built-in height rod, transport castors and weighs in both pounds and kilograms at no additional cost.

Seca has prided itself in its level of quality, durability and precision for over a century, and the Seca 700 is one of the most popular models available.   Part of the reason this model is so successful is because professionals in the medical field feel more confident that mechanical physician scales will last a long time versus modern digital scales that have more parts that can possibly malfunction.

Balance Beam
Easy to read eye-level beam and poise bars

Classic mechanical physician scales offer simplicity in basic weighing and measuring of patient's height.  For years, medical doctors have used Seca beam scales in their offices to weigh children and adults.  Seca 700 was designed specifically to find precision measurement of body weight and size in a single operation, as well as quick weighing due to the locking mechanism on the rider.

The included measuring rod with a range from 24 – 78" facilitates time-saving measuring and weighing in one step.  Due to the measuring range, you can weigh both adults and children using the Seca beam scale.

Now Seca's classic beam scale weighs up to 500 pounds in 1/8 lb increments, setting a new standard worldwide in medical weighing.  We have not heard of a more accurate mechanical medical scale nor have we seen one that offers a higher maximum weighing capacity.  When you take all of the standard features of the Seca 700 into account, it is remarkable that it is priced so competitively.

Mechancial Physician Scale    Seca 700 Heightrod
Seca 700 Height Rod Front & Side View

Weighing Platform
Seca's balance beam physician scale provides more comfort due to the very flat and large durable platform (20.5" x 20.5").  Its heavy-duty base offers slip resistance for safely stepping on and off the platform.  No other scale of this class has a larger platform.  The seca 700 makes the weighing process a safe one, even for larger patients. The base is also very easy to mount as it is especially low.

Most stable quality for maximum durability
The base is made of cast iron with a solid iron column supporting the compact, indestructible beam mechanism. This weighing mechanism is also well protected against corrosion.

Best ergonomic design
Like all seca scales, the model 700 is also sophisticated in its ergonomic form and is perfectly designed to meet everyday demands. To make it particularly comfortable for patients and users, a great deal of care was taken to ensure that the seca 700 has no sharp edges or corners.

Easy to assemble
Assembly is achieved in next to no time since it needs just three screws. Seca has succeeded in achieving the most compact packaging form of its class which, last but not least, helps
to keep transport costs to a minimum.

Ease of use
Clear weighing results at eye level and the high-contrast scale with clear, easy to read figures ensure speedy and precise weight determination. Moreover, the reading scale is specially sealed and protected against wear. The zero point adjustment is protected against unintended shifting by a locking screw. Integrated transport castors mean that the seca 700 is easy to move around and can be used flexibly.

Maximum capacity, finest graduation
No mechanical doctor scale offers more capacity and precision. With a capacity of up to 220 kg or 500 lbs, the seca 700 makes it possible to weigh even very heavy patients. Surveys have confirmed that excess weight is one of the fastest growing health risks – so, with this scale, you are well prepared for the future. Its uniquely fine 50 g or 1/8 pound graduation means you are a large step ahead because, especially for children or dialysis patients, regular, precise weight control is indispensable.

Weigh and Measure Adults

Doctor Scale Beam Scale

Pediatricians Weigh and Measure Children

Medical Scale Measure Children's Height
Seca 700 - Mechanical Beam Scale (LB/KG Version)
Capacity x Resolution (lbs) 500 lb x 1/8 lb
Capacity x Resolution (kgs) 220 kg x 50 g
Units Pounds or Kilograms
Platform Dimensions 20.5" x 20.5"
Scale Dimensions 20.5" x 61.3" x 20.5"
Features Transport Castors, Measuring Rod
Measuring Rod 24" – 78"
Power No Power Required, Completely Mechanical