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Seca 719 Scale for Sale

Seca Supra is not only a nice looking scale for any bathroom, but also features quality design and features from Seca, one of the top names in medical weighing.  4 brushed stainless steel load cells, glass platform, and ABS plastic construction ensures your bathroom scale is not only decorative, but also easy to clean.

Regular Price: $199.00

Ground S&H: $35.00

Capacity x Resolution: 400 lb x 0.2 lb

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Seca Supra

Seca Supra 719 features high-quality ABS plastic (durable & easy-to-clean plastic construction) withstands impacts, shocks and all commercially available cleaning and disinfecting products.  High-grade 8 mm thick safety glass ensures a good feeling.  Designed for people who work on their bodies or who have to pay attention to their health and therefore rely on precise measurements.  Seca makes it all possible at home with these personal weighing scales, the most precise scales for private use.

Supra 719Utilizing Supra 719 Step-off Function, simply stand on platform without switching it on, wait for “step-off” on the display, then step off at leisure and read off the measurements.  This is ideal particularly for pregnant women or people of larger girth.  With the step-off function, the scales are automatically reset to zero at every step, taking changes in the environment into account.  When stepping down off the platform, the precise weight is automatically shown on the display.   This function is just one of the reasons why Seca has been the global market leader in the field of medical weighing and measuring for many years.

Seca Supra Features:
  • 4 Stainless Steel Load Cells
  • 8 mm thick glass platform
  • Automatic Switch-off (Conserved Battery Power)
  • Display on a high pedestal for easy reading
  • Step-off function for weighing without switching on scales
  • High stability for demanding users
  • More than 165 years of experience for maximum precision
  • From the global market leader for medical weighing and measuring
Personal Weighing Scale
Seca 719 - Supra Personal Weighing Scale
Capacity x Resolution (lbs) 400 lb x 0.2 lb
Capacity x Resolution (kgs) 180 kg x 100 g
Units Pounds or Kilograms
Scale Dimensions 13.8" x 37.6" x 17.1"
Features Four Brushed Stainless Steel Load Cells and
Easy to Read Display on High Pedestal
Functions Step-off, Auto-HOLD, Auto Switch-off
Power Battery Powered (4 AAA batteries not included)