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Item has been discontinued.
The Seca 728 electronic infant scale is dual range with precise readability.  Up to 22 pounds it increments in 0.1 ounces, and from 22 lb to 44 lb the neonatal scale offers 0.2 oz graduations.  When precision accuracy is needed, choose Seca's 728 precision baby scale.

Regular Price: $1,874.95

Ground S&H: $25.00

Multiple Range Scale
Capacity x Resolution: 22 lb x 0.1 oz
Capacity x Resolution: 44 lb x 0.2 oz


Highly precise Seca 728 is ideal for neonatal care.  Weigh newborn children with precision using Seca's dual range baby scale.  Up to 22 pounds it increments 0.1 ounce and then from 22 - 44 lbs it offers 0.2 oz graduations.  This electronic infant scale has 2 separate modes for weighing in pound:ounces or kilograms.

Using the tare function you can zero out the weight of a diaper or soft mat you may add for additional comfort.  There is also a Hold function so you can remove the baby from the scale before noting its actual weight.

Save money on another Seca neonatal scale that offers the same dual range specifications.  The Seca 727 offers a different design and is slightly less expensive without sacrificing quality or necessary functions.

Seca 728 - Electronic Infant Scale
Capacity x Resolution
0 - 22 lb x 0.1 oz
22 lb x 44 lb x 0.2 oz
Capacity x Resolution
0 - 10 kg x 2 g
10 - 20 kg x 5 g
Units Pound/Ounce or Kilograms
Tray Dimensions 21" x 2.3" x 9.4"
Scale Dimensions 22" x 6.5" x 12.5"
Functions Hold, Tare
Power Rechargeable Battery or AC Adapter