Affordable Kitchen, Diet, and Food Portioning Scales


Tree KHR-3000

Price: $49.95
Model: KHR-3000
Max Capacity: 3,000 g
Readability: 0.1 g
Platform: 5.7"

Measure portions of food with the Tree KHR-3000 electronic kitchen scale.  Most low cost kitchen scales only read to the nearest whole gram, but Tree's KHR features a 0.1...
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Ishida iPC 100 oz

Price: $199.00
Model: iPC 100 oz
Max Capacity: 100 oz
Readability: 0.1 oz
Platform: 9.1" x 7.8"

iPC Series diet scales are battery operated, light weight and portable making it ideal for those who need to carry it along to different business locations.  Ishida 100 o...
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Tree KMR-6000

Price: $49.95
Model: KMR-6000
Max Capacity: 6,000 g
Readability: 1 g
Platform: 5.7" Diameter

Measure out ingredients using Tree's KMR-6000 digital culinary scale for low cost portion control.  If monitoring food intake, this kitchen scale may be the solution.&nbs...
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Ishida iPC 6LB

Price: $199.00
Model: iPC 6LB
Max Capacity: 6 lb
Readability: 0.005 lb
Platform: 9.1" x 7.8"

Ishida iPC 6 Pound portion control scale is easy to clean since its enclosure is constructed with smooth, hardened plastic.  It weighs in pounds or kilograms and may be p...
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Ohaus V22PWE1501T

Price: $370.60
Model: V22PWE1501T
Max Capacity: 3 lb
Readability: 0.0005 lb
Platform: 7.5" x 9.5"

Waterproof, plastic design on Valor 2000 V22PWE1501T is an affordable option that meets NSF approval and has waterproof protection.  Dual display allows the scale to be o...
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