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For the most complete compact scale in its class, Ohaus Navigator sets new standards in economical weighing in the laboratory, educational, and industrial markets.  There are 4 different housing designs each features two Touchless Sensors which provide a shortcut to executing functions, while also eliminating some of the wear and tear that happens over time.  The end result, is a more efficient, more durable, longer-lasting compact scale that is still competitively priced with other value brands available.

Choose from 3 different connectivity interfaces to tie to your particular computer system with ease.  Ethernet, USB and RS232 come in easy to install kits for flexible data transferring.  You may select from Winwedge or Ohaus Collect software to log weight data and keep electronic records.

Ohaus Navigator balances include the common functions needed beyond simple weighing.  Counting, check weighing, accumulation, totalization, percent weighing and display hold are all easy to perform.  You may review our videos or refer to the user manual for further explanation of their operation.

Laboratory and Research
Designed to be easy to clean, precise and simple to use in laboratory environments. Simple set up, spill-resistant housing, percent weighing mode and security features make this the ideal scale for formulation, quality inspection, testing and experimentation.

Navigator Balance

Industry and Manufacturing
Designed to be robust, fast and accurate for ideal use in light-medium duty industrial applications, including paint and ink mixing, packaging, sampling and parts counting. Up to 400% safe overload enhances protection of internal components, with an ultra-fast, one-second stabilization time to improve operator efficiency and productivity.

Home Office, Commercial Business and Manufacturing
Designed to be tough, portable and reliable for ideal use in shipping and receiving, home office and warehouse environments. A display hold mode holds the weight for viewing that would otherwise be blocked by oversized packages. Battery operation, counting and checkweighing modes also expand range of use for hobbies, inventory management, inspection and quality control.

Food and Portioning
Designed to be hygienic, low-maintenance and durable for ideal use in food service, portioning and pre-packaging. Weighing units such as lb, oz, lb:oz (including 1/8 fractional ounce), kg and g, and percent and checkweighing modes enhance its usefulness in behind-the-counter, prep station and kitchen environments.

Ohaus Navigator XT

Internal Rechargeable Battery
Enhance mobility by being able to work anywhere! The sealed lead acid battery operates up to 100 hours on a full charge to minimize battery replacement and reduce maintenance costs.

Security Bracket
The integral security bracket accommodates the optional locking cable to secure the scale to a workstation.

Optional RS232, USB or Ethernet Interface Kits
These easily installed user options allow connecting the scale to peripheral devices for printing and/or data collection. The connecting cable is integrated in each kit, eliminating the need for additional interface cables.

Backlit Display
The bright backlit LCD provides optimal visibility in any lighting condition. Used indoors or outdoors, the large digits and indicators make the weighing results easy to read.

Transportation Lock
The transportation lock prevents undue pressure on the load cell during transportation and storage. Unlock before use and lock when moving around different locations.

Illuminated Up-front Level Indicator
The integral level bubble is illuminated at power up to aid in visibility, and serves as a reminder to level the scale prior to use.

Skid-Resistant Leveling Feet
Independently adjustable, the feet also have skid-resistant rubber pads to provide superior stability, and vibration resistance.

Menu Lock Switch
A menu lock switch acts as an extra supervisor control to prevent unwanted changes to protected scale settings. Simply set up the scale to meet your specific needs then slide the lock switch to avoid changes in calibration.

Touchless Sensors
Two touchless infrared sensors can be set up independently to operate up to 36 combinations of operations without touching the keys. Sensors control: Tare, Zero, Print, Function and Display Backlight.

Navigator Checkweigher

Unsurpassed Cleanliness

  • Designed with two touchless sensors that free up your hands, allowing you to focus on handling samples and keeping the scale free from contaminants. The touch-free control of tare, zero, print, function and display backlight helps to minimize touching the keypad, thereby avoiding cross-contamination or unwanted residue on or from the scale.
  • A polished stainless steel pan, corrosion-free plastic housing and spill-resistant pan sub-assembly embodies a hygienic design that is easy to clean.
  • The optional full-body in-use cover wraps over and around the housing and keypad to guard against spills, dust and contamination.

Unmatched Productivity

  • Amazing stabilization in less than one second to provide fast, accurate and repeatable weighing results; improving operator efficiency and increasing productivity.
  • Includes an internal rechargeable lead acid battery that operates up to 100 hours (or over twelve 8-hour days) of normal use on a full charge. With maximized portability, the scale can be transported and used where power outlets are not readily available.
  • A wave of the hand over the touchless sensors eliminates the extra effort or time to press the keys.
  • A bright backlit LCD display provides optimum visibility in any lighting condition – indoors or out – with large digits and indicators that make it fast and easy to read the weighing results.

Unbeatable Durability

  • Built to handle serious loads, the superior mechanical overload protection system enables the scale to safely bear loads up to 4 times its rated capacity.
  • Constructed of a high-strength 304 type stainless steel pan and impact-resistant ABS plastic housing that helps the scale stand up to years of use.
  • The touchless sensors minimize keypad use, reducing operational wear and tear.
Navigator XL
Ohaus Navigator Series - Portable Balances
Model Capacity x Resolution Capacity x Resolution Platform Size Price
NV212 N/A 210 x 0.01 g 4.7" Diameter $456.30
NV511 1.1 x 0.0005 lb 510 x 0.1 g 7.5" x 5.4" $396.90
NV1101 2.4 x 0.0005 lb 1,100 x 0.1 g 7.5" x 5.4" $427.50
NV2101 4.6 x 0.0005 lb 2,100 x 0.1 g 7.5" x 5.4" $456.30
NV4101 9 x 0.0005 lb 4,100 x 0.2 g 7.5" x 5.4" $456.30
NV5101 11.2 x 0.002 lb 5,100 x 0.5 g 7.5" x 5.4" $456.30
NVL511/1 1.1 x 0.0005 lb 510 x 0.1 g 7.6" x 8" $436.50
NVL1101/1 2.4 x 0.0005 lb 1,100 x 0.1 g 7.6" x 8" $476.10
NVL2101/1 4.6 x 0.0005 lb 2,100 x 0.1 g 7.6" x 8" $515.70
NVL5101/1 11.2 x 0.002 lb 5,100 x 0.5 g 7.6" x 8" $495.90
NVL10000/1 22 x 0.005 lb 10,000 x 1 g 7.6" x 8" $555.30
NVL20000/1 44 x 0.005 lb 20,000 x 1 g 7.6" x 8" $555.30
NVT1601/1 3.2 x 0.0002 lb 1,600 x 0.1 g 9" x 6.9" $383.40
NVT3201/1 6.4 x 0.0005 lb 3,200 x 0.2 g 9" x 6.9" $383.40
NVT6401/1 16 x 0.001 lb 6,400 x 0.5 g 9" x 6.9" $369.00
NVT10001/1 22 x 0.002 lb 10,000 x 0.5 g 9" x 6.9" $383.40
NVT16000/1 32 x 0.002 lb 16,000 x 1 g 9" x 6.9" $383.40

Navigator Series Dimensions