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Water Resistant, Sanitary, Dual Display Precision Scale.
OHAUS ValorTM 2000 portable scales offer unsurpassed performance, productivity and durability in a variety of extreme environments, including those that are wet or harsh. Valor 2000 scales feature a high profile, easy to clean, quadraseal ABS plastic housing with NEMA 4 / IP65 ingress protection rating, front and rear LED displays and multiple weighing units. Valor 2000 comes standard with an internal rechargeable battery for ultimate portability, as well as a removable stainless steel pan cover for easy cleaning. For sanitary purposes, all Valor 2000 scales are USDA-AMS accepted, NSF listed/certified and will support HACCP certified systems.

Ohaus Valor 2000 Series is designed primarily for use in food service settings, where users often need to weigh amounts of ingredients. Working conditions in these environments often demand both easy cleaning and water resistance, so the Valor 2000 Series is NSF Listed/Certified to NSF/ANSI 169-2005 (Special Purpose Food Equipment and Devices); USDA/AMS Accepted to NSF/3-A 14159-1 (Hygiene Requirements for the Design of Meat and Poultry Processing Equipment), and meets requirements for HACCP conformity. In addition, it features a rugged design including an easy-to-clean, sealed ABS plastic housing with NEMA 4/IP 65 ingress protection rating, providing water resistance and making it fully washable.

Standard Features:

  • Harsh Use Design – NEMA 4/IP65 quadraseal ABS plastic housing with standard internal rechargeable battery and removable stainless steel weighing pan make the Valor 2000 water resistant, portable and sanitary
  • Excellent Performance – Temperature compensated load cells, with user adjustable readability and environmental settings, enable stabilization time under two seconds, making the Valor 2000 extremely fast and stable in all conditions
  • Easy to Use – OHAUS SmarTextTM interface utilizes bright red, 7-segment LED’s and simple text prompts to guide users through use and scale setup
  • Enhanced Productivity – Front and rear LED displays allow two users to operate the scale simultaneously
Ohaus Valor 2000

Easy to Set-Up for Your Operation

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OHAUS Valor 2000 Food Processing Scale Has All The Features You Need:

  • Selectable Weighing Units – With a single keystroke, the Valor 2000 Food Processing Scale can be set up to display any one of four weighing units (lb, oz, kg, g), to match the requirements of your operation.
  • lb & oz Display – The Valor 2000 can display a decimal pound to 0.001 lb, as well as decimal ounces to 0.02 oz.
  • Metric Display – For metric use, results are displayed in kilograms or grams with a readability ranging from 0.00005 kg to 0.05 g, depending on model.
  • QuadraStanceTM Design For Superior Footprint Stability – Four adjustable nonslip feet and a level bubble ensure superior footprint stability on any surface.
  • Set It Up and Lock It In – The Valor 2000 Food Processing Scale can be set to the mode and weighing units required, and then locked-in to ensure the configuration you choose is the configuration you use!
  • Easy to Calibrate – Food Processing Scale’s software menu allows the user to recalibrate the Scale to ensure accurate results. To prevent accidental recalibration, it also can be configured using software and hardware calibration lockouts. The user can calibrate the Valor 2000 using either span (two-point) or linear (three point) calibration setups.
  • Dual LED Display – Ohaus Food Processing Scale has front and rear LED displays, increasing throughput and efficiency by allowing multiple users to operate the scale at the same time.
  • Easy to Setup – Featuring SmarText™, OHAUS’ easy to use balance software that utilizes text prompts to guide users through application use and setup.

Designed for Food Processing Use

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Fast, Easy-To-Read Displays – The Valor 2000 Food Processing Scale is designed to clearly and quickly display weighing results:

  • Large, front and rear seven-segment LED displays
  • Fast display updates – under 2 second stability time
  • LED display of weight units – no cryptic unit designations or hard-to-read annunciators
  • AC or 40-hour rechargeable battery, with charge indicator
  • IP65 quadraseal system for multi-layered protection, extreme durability and worry free cleaning
  • Adjustable non-slip feet for maximum grip on wet or slippery surfaces
  • Removable, dishwasher safe, smooth stainless steel pan for sanitary weighing
  • User-selectable Auto-off conserves battery life
  • User-selectable low resolution mode enhances stability under harsh conditions
  • The Valor 2000 Food Processing Scale has front and rear LED displays, increasing throughput and efficiency by allowing multiple users to operate the scale at the same time.
Valor 2000
Ohaus Valor 2000 Series - Washdown Digital Scales (NSF Listed)
Model Capacity x Resolution Capacity x Resolution Platform Size Price
V21PW3 6 lb x 0.001 lb 3 kg x 0.0005 kg 9.2" x 7.2" $328.10
V21PW6 15 lb x 0.002 lb 6 kg x 0.001 kg 9.2" x 7.2" $328.10
V21PW15 30 lb x 0.005 lb 15 kg x 0.002 kg 9.2" x 7.2" $328.10

Valor 2000 Dimensions