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Tree PBS-500 Scale for Sale

PBS-500 bench scale from Tree features certified resolution for applications requiring NTEP approval which is necessary when legally using a scale for trade.  Its low cost makes it appealing for a variety of uses including weighing laundry at laundromats or when shipping and receiving goods.

Regular Price: $369.95

Ground S&H: $40.00

Capacity x Resolution: 500 lb x 0.1 lb


PBS-500 is the latest bench scale from Tree brand's industrial product line. It features remote indicator with bright LED display for easy viewing. Stainless steel construction provides the durability and corrosion resistance needed for industrial weighing.

USB/RS232 InterfacesSince the Tree PBS-500 is legal for trade, it may be certified by the state for use in applications involving monetary exchange.  This includes weighing produce in farmer's markets or clothing at a laundromat.

USB interface enables integration with printers or computer software. While the scale supports this kind of connectivity, 3rd party software may be required for functionality. We recommend calling before placing the order for advanced applications.

Standard Features:

  • Bright Red LED Display
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • NTEP Approved / Legal for Trade
  • Weighs in Pounds or Kilograms
  • Built-in USB and RS232
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
NTEP Approved Indicator
Tree PBS-500 Legal for Trade Bench Scale
Capacity x Resolution (lbs) 500 lb x 0.1 lb
Divisions 5,000
Units Pounds or Kilograms
Stabilization Time < 2 seconds
Platform Size 14" x 16"
Overall Dimensions 14" x 16" x 2.25"
Display 0.54" high
Casing Construction Stainless steel
Legal for Trade NTEP COC 07-040 - CLASS III
Power Adapter inside indicator

Legal for Trade Scale (LFT)