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Ohaus EX35001 Balance for Sale

Customize the Explorer high capacity balance to work specifically for you with optional connectivity configurations, wheel kit and a tower kit.  Ohaus EX35001 replaces the older Explorer Pro series and features internal calibration as a standard feature.  Compared to the EP32001C, the EX35001 features more capacity, VGA graphic display and it has more available options than its predecessor.

Regular Price: $4,709.00

Ground S&H: Free Shipping to USA (excludes AK and HI)

Capacity x Resolution: 35,000 g x 0.1 g


Accessories for High Capacity Explorer Balances

External Battery $353.00
Rolling Feet Kit $151.00
Tower Kit $139.00
Anti Theft Kit $211.00
SF40A Impact Printer with Cable $902.00
TAL Software WinWedge $482.00

Product Manuals
Explorer User Manual Ohaus Explorer User Manual

Explorer series now includes three high-capacity precision models with capacities up to 35 kg. New high-capacity balances offer the same intuitive features, such as AutoCal™ and 1 second stabilization time, with additional functions and attributes to support higher capacity weighing applications.

Standard Features:

  • Fully-automatic internal calibration system
  • Self-calibrates the system when it senses a temperature change sufficient enough to affect weighing accuracy, or every 11 hours
  • Explorer features up to four touchless sensors for hands-free operation of zero, print, calibration, tare, automated draftshield doors and other selectable functions
  • SmarText™ 2.0 is OHAUS’ easy-to-use graphical software featuring 14 applications, virtual QWERTY and numeric keypads, and below-minimum weight indication.
  • Library function to store and recall customized applications
  • Audible and visual feedback for touch screen input commands as well as the indication of the check weighing status
  • Data Transfer Function helps to output data directly into Microsoft Excel
  • With a die-cast metal base and a 14.8" × 12.2" ( 377 × 311mm) stainless steel pan, the Explorer High Capacity is built to withstand rugged, every day use.
  • 2-D Protection prevents shock and damage associated with movement and forces applied to the balance
  • IP54 base enclosure protects the weighing base from damage by debris, humidity and accidental spills and splashes. (High Capacity models only)

High Capacity Ohaus Explorer
Ohaus Balance Specifications
Capacity x Resolution (g) 35,000 g x 0.1 g
Capacity x Resolution (lb) 77 lb x 0.0005 lb
Repeatability ± 0.1 g
Linearity ± 0.1 g
Sensitivity Drift PPM/°C 3
Typical Min. Weight 210 g (USP, K=3, U=0.1%)
Weighing units g, kg, ct, gn, lb, oz, ozt, N, dwt, hkt, sgt, twt, mom, tical, msg, tola, and 3 custom units
Display Full color VGA graphic display, 4 wire resistive touch screen
Display Size 5.7" / 145 mm (diagonal)
Tare Range To capacity by subtraction
Stabilization time ≤ 1 second
Calibration AutoCal - fully automatic internal calibration system
Communication Standard RS232 and USB / Optional Ethernet or 2nd RS232
Display Housing 7.68" x 3.54" x 6.06"
Base Dimensions 14.84" x 4.72" x 17.44"
Platform Size 14.8" x 12.2" x 4.72"
Operating Temperature 50°F to 86°F / 10°C to 30°C
Sensor Type Electromagnetic Force Compensation
Shipping Weight 25.8 lb / 12.5 kg
Net Weight 22 lb / 10 kg
High Capacity Explorer
Ohaus Explorer High Capacity Precision Balances
Model Cap x Res (Grams) Calibration Type Pan Size Price
EX12001 12,000 g x 0.1 g Internal Calibration 14.8" x 12.2" $3,291.20
EX24001 24,000 g x 0.1 g Internal Calibration 14.8" x 12.2" $4,009.45
EX35001 35,000 g x 0.1 g Internal Calibration 14.8" x 12.2" $4,709.00