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LCT-110LB Scale

Tree LCT-110LB Scale for Sale

Free Pocket Scale Included
110 pound electronic counting scale from LW Measurements Tree series feature high weighing capacity, durable construction and large steel platter at an unbelievable price.  Tree LCT counting scales are available in several different capacities and resolutions.  The key to choosing which one best suits your needs revolves around the scale's resolution.  The smallest part you need to count cannot be less than the display resolution to ensure accurate parts counting.

Regular Price: $285.95

Ground S&H: Free Shipping to USA (excludes AK and HI)

Capacity x Resolution: 110 lb x 0.005 lb


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Tree LCT counting scales feature sturdy construction, large weighing platform, and up to 110 pounds weighing capacity.  Some counting scales are built with cheap components and are poorly designed for rugged use.  Unlike some of those models, Tree LCT parts counters have a completely steel pan while lower end scales use a plastic cover with steel plate that fits over it.  The problem with designing counting scales in this manner is the weight of your sample can slowly wear out the plastic under pan making those models much less durable compared to the LCT-110LB.

Digital parts counting scales save valuable time and money.  Not only is manually counting parts tedious and boring, but it's also a complete waste of time.  Increase efficiency by purchasing the Tree LCT-110LB at an incredible price.  Once you have used one of these scales for inventory control, you will wonder how you ever got by without one.

Piece Counting Scale9 memory values may be stored to save you time so you do not need to constantly set up a reference weight in order to count.  Instead, simply utilize the memory function to retrieve the parts you need to count most frequently.  Auto zero tracking and Tare allows you to easily count parts in a container or scoop which is great for items such as nuts and bolts.  Large stainless steel weighing pan may be removed which is great if you want to thoroughly clean it in between use without having to worry about damaging the Tree LCT.

Tree LCT-110 counting scale is a very expensive scale at the most reasonable price due to 24 bit US-made AD processor, 1.3 million division internal resolution, quality HBM load cell and auto unit weight re-calculation software.  Weighing platform is heavy gauge stainless steel (not thin stainless sheet over plastic), sub-platter is die cast molded aluminum, and the sensor is mounted on another aluminum die cast bottom (not mounted to the plastic base of the scale).  All the feet have steel thread so that there are no deflections or weak link from the top of the scale platter to the bottom of the scale footings.


  • Auto Zero Tracking
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Level Bubble
  • Rechargeable Battery or AC Adapter
  • Low Battery Indication
  • Switch Selectable Pounds or Kilograms
  • Determine Weight, Unit Weight, Total Pieces
  • Stability Indication
  • Target Count In / Count Out Function with Alarm
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

LCT Inventory Scale

Tree LCT-110LB Electronic Counting Scale - LW Measurements Tree Series
Capacity x Resolution (lb) 110 lb x 0.005 lb
Capacity x Resolution (kg) 50 kg x 2 g
Units Pounds or Kilograms
Platform Dimensions 8.9" x 13.3"
Construction ABS Plastic
Operating Temperature 32°F to 104°F
Calibration Rechargeable Battery or AC Adapter (included)
Display Large Backlit Display Shows Weight,
Unit Weight and Total Piece Count
Features Removable Stainless Steel Platter, Leveling Feet, Level Bubble,
Lack of Sample Indicator, Lack of Piece Weight Indicator,
Target Count In / Count Out Function with Alarm
Sensor Type Electromechanical Load Compensation
Power Rechargeable Battery or AC Adapter
Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

Free Pocket Scale!

Free Pocket Scale with all LCT Counting Scales while Supplies Last!!

  • Tare and Zero Function
  • Auto-Off
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Requires 2x AAA Batteries

LCT Counting Scales $285.95Each
Model Capacity x Resolution Platform Size (Inches)
LCT-3LB 3 lb x 0.0001 lb 8.9" x 13.3"
LCT-7LB 7 lb x 0.0002 lb 8.9" x 13.3"
LCT-16LB 16 lb x 0.0005 lb 8.9" x 13.3"
LCT-33LB 33 lb x 0.001 lb 8.9" x 13.3"
LCT-66LB 66 lb x 0.002 lb 8.9" x 13.3"
LCT-110LB 110 lb x 0.005 lb 8.9" x 13.3"
Replacement Parts
LCT-AC AC Adapter for LCT Series $25.00
LCT-Battery Battery for LCT Series $25.00